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Kelly Hannigan, RN - the only World Renown Nitrogen Gas Plasma Expert necklift

1 treatment only.  Reverse & STOP Aging Skin.  Replace every cell with a healthier and longer lasting “ New DNA / Telemeres”

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Best of Newport Beach - 2008 MedSpa award - Newport NeckLift


In Az, Cali, Utah with multiple RN state privileges,  Kelly, who holds a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine treats patients in her own office. Uniquely concierge as well, she can also bring “RENT A RHYTEC ”  /  PSR3 & NeoGen Technology into your own business. To safely treat your own clients as an independent contractor. Imagine, No large investment, mistakes or learning curve.  Just results, happy clients staying in- house, safe practice  & income tomorrow. Overseen by our Plastic Surgeon Medical Director

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Our experienced team starts with RN, Naturopathic Medical Doctor - Kelly Hannigan, a pioneer in US MedSpa industry since 1990’s and tops out with Facial Plastic Surgeon Medical Director, R.Mindell, MD. Dr Mindell was the first to established 2 schools for aesthetic and laser training while Co ordinating laws, rules, educational requirements with Medical, Nursing, Laser Tech Boards and Radiation Regulatory Boards through the early 2000’s to date, to ensure quality & safety in Aesthetic Outpatient Practices. He knows all platforms / procedures / technologies / providers & patient outcomes possible. This Expert in the field, is on video in 2014 saying “ This is the only Treatment I would spend money on for myself or my wife, patients are happy and feel their money is well spent - YouTube: NeckLiftAz. ( Kelly is  not Az nmd/ CCNM 2007, and practices as an RN in the US )

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Better than Laser, RF, US, Microneedling, Fibroblast, PlasmaPen or Jplasma

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We know from experience that 1 Treatment by Kelly is worth $30,000 - $60,000 of other combined, multi visit, limited results “aesthetic procedures”.  You would need to do a  risky surgery,  repeated cycles of fillers, fat transfers, implants, chemical peels, laser resurfacing & multiple facial treatments & still not get ALL the results you would from 1 treatment of “ what Kelly does”.  Our PSR3 / NeoGen treatments work below the dermis, in every cell, changing the DNA and Telemeres so you look younger for 4-6 years from “ 1 treatment Only” 

Its a 1 hour visit. 1 week sunburn like downtime, 1 year of “ regeneration & redensification” and 4-6 years of looking younger than before treated.



#1 European and American Aesthetic Procedure


Nitrogen Gas Plasma PSR3 / NeoGen technology was originally a surgical wound healing device.  Surgeons noticed how much better the body healed with Nitrogen Gas Plasma and how much healthier & firm, more dense the skin was after Rhytec was used, when used correctly, no risk of scarring. And  so began the replacement of lasers / Bovie J / and other traumatic tissue devices with this incredible technology. Kelly has performed over 5,000 PSR3 procedures and all the before & after pics & Videos are of her own clients..... unpaid testimonials. You cannot find anyone with as many detailed video proof, patients explaining their process, hold their own before pics and telling you their  happy stories. All pics have dates, timeframes, and details of results - there is no doubt spending your money and choosing Kelly to do your treatment will hold no regrets and will change your life!!

More Media & Celebrities Choose Kelly, her history.


Using Botox for Pain management in the late 90’s, Kelly was one of the original “ Advanced Injectors” trained by Allergan during Botox Cosmetic Clinical trials before it  was launched, she is a Laser Safety Officer, certified and registered with the Arizona Radiation Regulatory Association, having watched the industry grow from the early 2000’s to date with her own  training certifications from AANP, AAAM, ACAM, AAOM, World Wide clinical pearls conferences  from experts in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Brazil, Israel, when the IS had no “ MedSpa Industry Training “. She is experience in using all fillers / Injectables : lasers / peels / RF / US / J Plasma / Fibroblasting / Microneedling and knows PSR3 is a healthier alternative to any skin tightening technique because of the DNA change. Celebrities, Hollywood Filmakers / Producers / Makeup Artists / Recording Artist Singers / Actors & Professional Atheletes as well as Philanthropists, Community leaders and News Media Personalities all entrust their transformation & looks to NewNeckNow & Kelly. She has been a speaker for The Ultimate Women’s Expo, Radio Interviews , The Goddess Code, Channel 15 ABC, Channel 3 “ Your LIfe Az” and Channel 7 “ The Daily Mix with Pat McMahon”. Articles in “Venice Living Magazine Jan 2019 - Marina Del Rey & Santa Monica, Arizona Foothills July 2018 &   She has over 2,000 client before & after pics, Video testimonials available on “ testimonials page “ website, Page 4 website and all social media pages have recent updates. Clients fly from other countries & states to b treated.  Do not hesitate to contact and chat, Kelly will personally speak with you.


Age Backwards! 4-6 years


I will repair your aging, and prevent it from getting worse! We all AGED BACK - these pics are before & 3, 4 , 5 or 6 years after 1 treatment. Dr Mindell says “ It’s short of a Miracle, Kelly had the foresight to see what others didn’t in this technology” STOP AGING SKIN!

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